Bearface – Wilderness Series 01

Canadian Style Whisky   ABV: 42.5%   Bottle Size: 750ml

Producer: Mystery Distillery
Bottler: Independent Bottling by The Mark Anthony Group

Country: Canada
Region: Other


Out of stock

Cask Type: Sherry, Wine, & Matsutake Mushroom
Age: Unknown Years Aged
Vintage: Unknown

Release: Standard Limited Edition Release
Cask Strength: No
Chill Filtration: Unknown

Added Colouring: No
Peat Smoked: No

From The Official Website

Our first limited edition batch uses foraged Matsutake mushrooms, that are cask-infused with selected BEARFACE whisky to release the subtle tastes and aromas.

To create this expression, we mature our whisky in hand-selected ex-wine casks and sherry pipes inside repurposed shipping containers in the Canadian wilderness. We call this ‘Elemental Ageing’, and it gives our whisky a bolder, smoother flavour.

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Group Score: 86.26 / 100

Flavour Profile: Malty & Dry

Group Score: 86.26 / 100

Flavour Profile: Malty & Dry

Roghan Josh Of The Jungle

When Tasted: June 2022
Where Tasted: In Store

Visual: 3.83 /5
Aroma: 22.83 /25

Taste: 34.21 /40
Finish: 25.39 /30

Why This Bottle?

Part "a" of this two-part exploration into some bizarre whisky experiments is the wonderfully strange Bearface Wilderness Series 01 Matsutake Limited Edition. This is probably about as wild of a whisky as you can get, both literally and figuratively. Matured in a shipping container in the middle of the Canadian temperate rainforest, in casks that previously contained sherry, wine, and a special Bearface tincture made with hand foraged matsutake mushrooms. Utterly bizarre, and incredibly unique.  

Strath Panel Tasting Notes

At first, this was cereals and breads through and through. Rustic style baking with nuts and cloves, perhaps even a traditional German pretzel. Shredded wheat cereal with a touch of natural sweetness and mysterious umami. The spices of the rye are there but have been tempered by the umami. The spice is no longer raw, but is more like a well-simmered curry - perhaps a lamb roghan josh with heapings of paprika.

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