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Compass Box – The Circle Number 2

Blended Malt Whisky   ABV: 46%   Bottle Size: 700ml

Producer: Compass Box
Bottler: Official Blending House Bottling by Compass Box

Country: Scotland
Region: Multiple


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Cask Type: Ex-Sherry, Ex-Bourbon & STR Casks
Age: Unknown Years Aged
Vintage: Unknown

Release: Standard Limited Edition Release Of 3113 Bottles
Cask Strength: Unknown
Chill Filtration: Unknown

Added Colouring: Unknown
Peat Smoked: No

From The Official Website

What does a colour taste like? It wasn’t until after Mannie Monaghan won our international bartender programme The Circle in 2019, and we began working on a whisky together, that we learned he is synaesthetic. Mannie wanted his whisky to evoke a particular colour – coral – and so began a unique whiskymaking project.

Affecting roughly 4% of the population, those with synaesthesia* often experience a blending of their senses – for Mannie, aromas and flavours reveal a spectrum of colour. Not being synaesthetic ourselves, Mannie spent two lengthy sessions in the Blending Rooms, scouring sample boxes for whiskies that matched the warmth and powerful positivity of Living Coral.

Weeks of tweaking led us to this combination of tropically fruity malt whiskies from the Glen Elgin and Speyburn distilleries, together with whiskies influenced by Oloroso Sherry casks. Single malt from the Ardmore Distillery lends a herbal Highland peat note.

This is sure to delight fans of warm and vibrant whiskies, whether synaesthetic or not. Though 2019 feels a very long time ago, we are delighted to finally share Mannie’s vision of delicious whisky with the world.

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Group Score: 91.63 / 100

Flavour Profile: Fresh & Floral

Group Score: 91.63 / 100

Flavour Profile: Fresh & Floral

Dram Pineapple Apple Dram

When Tasted: October 2023
Where Tasted: Indy Showcase VII

Visual: 3.87 /5
Aroma: 22.91 /25

Taste: 36.22 /40
Finish: 28.63 /30

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