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Tromba – Anejo

Tequila Anejo   ABV: 40%   Bottle Size: 750ml

Producer: Integradora San Agustin

Bottler: Tequila Tromba


Only 1 left in stock

Country: Mexico
Style: Tequila Anejo

Still Type: Copper Pot Still - Double Distilled
Spirit Base: Tequilana Weber

Barrel Aged: Yes
Overproof: No

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Group Score: 82.56 / 100

Flavour Profile: Light & Herbal

Group Score: 82.56 / 100

Flavour Profile: Light & Herbal

Lightly Peppered Butter

When Tasted: October 2023
Where Tasted: Tournament Of Tequilas

Visual: 3.87 /5
Aroma: 21.11 /25

Taste: 32.29 /40
Finish: 25.6 /30

Tournament Results: First Round Knockout

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