Field House – Sour Six Mix Pack 2023

Sour   ABV: 7%   Bottle Size: 473ml   Format: Six Pack

Country: Canada

Region: British Columbia


Out of stock

This year’s sour six is a stellar lineup of fruit and hop combinations in a clean sour base. We selected the hop pairings to either boost the fruit character, like with the Mango Citra Sour or to add complementary secondary flavours like Sabro’s coconut notes to pair with the key lime. All of these sours are lightly dry-hopped and fruit-forward in this six-pack mix pack which has quickly become one of our favourite annual traditions.

Prickly Pear Sabro Sour Ale
Prickly pear’s sweet and floral notes are complemented and contrasted by Talus hops known for their floral, grapefruit and resinous characteristics.

Key Lime Sabro Sour Ale
Fruited with Key Lime then dry-hopped with Sabro to add complementary notes of coconut and tropical fruit to this easy-drinking sour.

Mango Citra Sour Ale
Citra hops complement the Alphonso Mangoes adding citrus and more tropical fruit complexity.

Guava Simcoe Sour Ale
Simcoe, known for its distinct passion fruit notes layers in perfectly with tropical Guava.

Strawberry Belma Sour Ale
Belma is already known for its Strawberry notes and easily pairs with fresh strawberry puree.

Cherry Mosaic Sour Ale
 Loads of dark sweet cherries are paired with Mosaic hops and their berry, citrus and herbal notes for a surprisingly complex sour ale.

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