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Every month we get six or seven brand new releases from around the world released at our Outturn Preview Tasting events and online right here. These are the most recent!









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The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is the world’s biggest and longest-running whisky club & independent bottler. It all started in 1983 in Edinburgh Scotland, where Pip Hills discovered the beauty in individuality of unadulterated single cask whiskies. Over the last 40+ years it’s grown to over 40,000 members world-wide, all brought together by a sense of flavourful adventure.

The SMWS bottles whiskies from all over the world exclusively for their members. Primarily single cask, cask strength, single malts – but they’ve been known to branch out to blended malts and even the occasional other spirit!

Here at The Strath, we are one of only five stores in Canada affiliated with The SMWS – something we are incredibly proud of. Only these five stores have the honour of carrying the SMWS bottles. Every month we showcase SMWS Canada’s newest releases at our popular events, and then release them to our local members online and instore.

Looking to join? Well, it’s simple! If you’re a current member or you’ve been a member before, you can follow the link below to renew your membership. If you’re brand new to the club, there’s a special deal just for you! Pick any bottle over $180 and it comes with a one-year trial membership, to see if our club is for you. Membership is global and can be used anywhere the SMWS is active, giving you access to special bottling, members-only lounges, and more.