Teaninich – 11 Years Aged Parcel No. 5 SMOS Reserve Casks

Single Malt Whisky   ABV: 48%   Bottle Size: 700ml

Producer: Teaninich
Bottler: Independent Bottling by The Single Malts Of Scotland

Country: Scotland
Region: The Highlands


In stock

Cask Type: Refill Ex-Bourbon
Age: 11 Years Aged
Vintage: 2009

Release: Strath Exclusive In BC Limited Edition Release Of 5 Casks
Cask Strength: No
Chill Filtration: No

Added Colouring: No
Peat Smoked: No

Adam’s Notes

Why am I so excited about this whisky? Well first of all it marks the debut of the “Single Malts Of Scotland” range here at The Strath. They are incredible independent bottlers that really let the distillery’s unique character shine through.

Secondly, I love Teaninich. It’s one of those hidden gem distilleries, working away hard in the background, supplying whiskies for some of the world’s greatest blends. Why is it so sought after by blenders? Well just like another personal favourite of mine Clynelish, it has a strong sense of self. A full-bodied highlander that doesn’t need to hide behind strong cask influence to give you a satisfying dose of flavour.

Speaking of flavour, what can you expect from this malt? Well, at a bottling strength of 48% and with no chill filtration – it’s pretty full flavoured. But perhaps not in the way some whisky-drinkers are expecting. There’s no whack of smoke, no fruity sherry bomb, no blast of vanilla from a first fill bourbon barrel. But what you get instead is a host of much more unique and interesting flavours direct from the spirit of one of Scotlands most unique malts. Don’t let the pale colour trick you, this one is a complex as they come. Tropical notes that are reminiscent of papaya and starfruit. Some kind of intangible citrus fruit. A whole bail of freshly harvested hay, with just a touch of rich nutty olive oil. Baked pastries and distant espresso – the fruity single-origin kind. Dried autumn leaves and honey slathered fence posts. Sundried linins and a bouquet of herbs including mint and thyme.

All of this and much much more can be found in this malt from a distillery founded by the Napoleonic War hero – “Blind Hugh Munro”. And yes that’s a real thing. This distillery’s history is a rich as its flavour. It’s a small batch blend of 5 casks ranging from 2007 to 2009, and I’m proud to say that The Strath has the Canadawide exclusive on this impressive malt. It’s the perfect alternative to the much loved (and sadly unavailable in BC) Clynelish 14. Plus, it’s an absolute steal of a price – which is better here than it is in the UK!

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