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Valley Cider Company

Craft Cider From Duncan B.C.

Proudly Island Craft

Playful in variety, serious about flavour.


"Cider is a traditional drink that has travelled so many lands for so many centuries, and is most often associated with the English style of production. This heritage is of course wonderful and deserving of its place in cider's history, though does encourage a curious enthusiast to wonder what lies beyond this definition. Many years of reading about, studying, producing and enjoying cider eventually manifested in a lot of "what if...?" moments. It seemed entirely reasonable to start viewing cider from the larger scope of the apple's place in our lives and our world. A fruit that's never been restricted to a single use, pairing or enjoyment. Indeed, consider the apple: pure, versatile and replete with character... then crank it up a notch. Ah, yes, now *that's* a nice cider." - Valley Cider Company

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Here at The Strath, we love selling Cider from Valley Cider Company. If you see something from them that you'd like us to carry - just shoot us an email at

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Local Craft Cideries

You can't deny that the cider revolution here on the island.


Cider has taken off big time around the world in the last decade, and here on Vancouver Island we refuse to be left behind. We've got some incredible cider made here in traditional and modern styles with locally grown apples.

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